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Ship Chartering Services
We have the ability to charter vessels to transport products to our customers preferred port of discharge.We recognize the need for customers to transport parcels of products at a time without obligating themselves to charter entire vessels. This is one of the added benefits Mid gulf Offshore Ship Chartering (PVT) LTD provides. The customer and operation services are managed by a team of qualified ship captains, engineers and crews working 24 hours a day, 7 days a week - including weekends and public holidays. The key benefits of our ship chartering services include:


# Extensive and specialized market knowledge
# Competitive prices
# Reliable product quality and availability
# Assured delivers to specification
# Innovative Contracting procedures

American Fleet Management is an ocean transportation company that for more than 15 years has provided direct, regular service between the United States and the Caribbean Basin, Central, South America and Persian Gulf.

Convenient schedules, unmatched customer service and an expanding fleet of ships commanded and managed by a company of dedicated professionals, have become our trademark.

American Fleet Management, with headquarters in Houston Texas, is a leading worldwide provider of ocean transport as well as inland heavy haul services with a concentration in servicing heavy industry construction projects, power generation plants, oil field and mining developments.

As the managing agent of the vessel operating companies, Industrial Maritime Carriers (USA & Worldwide), Linea Naviera Paramaconi, and West Coast Industrial Express, American Fleet Management operates regular services between North and South America including Persian Gulf, coastal waters and to/from Asia.
Most of our vessels are multipurpose heavy-lift vessels built in the last five years capable of handling lifts up to 400 metric tons.

American Fleet management vessels are worldwide operation including Asia, (Dubai, Kuwait, Pakistan, India, Sri Lanka, Singapore, and China. The line employs modern tonnage ranging from 8,000 DWT to 24,000 DWT. Also offers custom made voyages for special projects to worldwide destinations. Call us and experience our ability to deliver more than promises.

Also Our Branch office in Sri Lanka maintains the all the Asian voyages. We work for our customers and vendrs satisfaction.

Crew Supply

Allow us to introduce ourselves; we are American Fleet Management, Inc.  dedicated to providing vessels with highly trained and experienced personnel as per owner’s request. Our main office is located in Houston, Texas and as a Ship Crew Manning Agent in the USA we take full responsibility in all business we conduct. We are duly registered in the USA.

The exceptional personnel that we provide to our customers ranges from Sri Lankan Officers, Engineers, Electrical Engineers, Engine Cadets, Deck Cadets and a number of various ranks of ratings. They are well qualified, trained and certified from Sri Lanka, UK, Australia. Our cadets are graduated diploma holders and pre-sea trained by the government approved Maritime Training Institutions. Our ratings are well trained from Sri Lanka private institutes and Government Seaman’s Training Institute. All of our crews are trained as per the present STCW-95 and future STCW-41 Standards.

Since we are very particular about the selection of our crews, as per our Principal’s requirement within their customary salary, we have an excellent record of service by our professionally sea experienced and committed staff.

We always look forward to extending our chip crew Manning business. We are the right option for both foreign and local ship owner/operator companies in supplying crews.

We welcome all interested ship owner/operator companies to contact us through the following address:

American Fleet Management (PVT) LTD
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          TEL :      + 832-439-7233       
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